New Patient Paperwork

Use the link to access our New Patient Paperwork. It is recommended to use a desktop or laptop computer. In some cases (but not always), the ability to 'Submit' is not available on a mobile device.  


First Visit

Our new patient office visit time ranges from 60-75 minutes, depending on the severity of condition or injury. This includes a detailed history, exam, and initial Chiropractic treatment. 

Second Visit

We call this visit the "Report of Findings" visit. It is 45-60 minutes and also includes a chiropractic adjustment. Before we treat you, first we review with you your experience with your 1st adjustment and 

1) check to see how you responded to your chiropractic treatment.

2) confirm the frequency of care needed for your prescribed treatment plan. 

3) give you home care instructions to compliment what we are doing in our office. 

Third and Subsequent Visits

Regular Chiropractic office visits are typically 15-30 minutes in length. We may use several soft tissue modalities during your visit in addition to adjustments. The modalities we use in our office are myofascial release, trigger point therapy, intersegmental traction, electric muscle stimulation, and ice.


Every 12 visits or one year, whichever comes first, our doctors perform a re-exam to ensure you are on the best treatment plan for you. 

Cancellation Policy

Meadows Chiropractic is a small chiropractic practice that is passionate about our doctors being fully present and available for our patients. As a result, our doctors spend more time with their patients and are limited in the number of patients they can see at a certain time. Please help us help others by giving us advance notice of a cancellation or reschedule.

Please call us no less than 24 hours in advance for canceling or rescheduling an appointment for an adjustment or massage.

​There is a $25 late charge for late cancellations/rescheduling for EACH service scheduled.

Saturday late cancellations will be charged full visit charge, not billable to insurance.