Post Surgical Lymphatic/myofascial Massage

After a cosmetic or reconstructive surgical procedure, many patients will experience swelling, inflammation, nerve regeneration, and fascia adhesion's as the body heals. Our goal at Meadows Chiropractic is to help you in your recovery. Through various methods in our massage package we aim to decrease pain and increase range of motion in the surgical and surrounding areas related to swelling, inflammation, and fascia adhesion's. 


We have had great experience in recovery with various liposuction and lift procedures, as well as tummy tucks. We can let you know in a phone consult if we can help you with recovery from other procedures. 


The Services in our Package

Lymphatic Drainage Massage:  Swelling in surgical areas can be compounded. The surgery itself injures tissues, creating inflammation and swelling. The surgery can also damage blood vessels, not allowing accumulating lymphatic fluid to leave the area. Gentle lymphatic massage can both manually move lymphatic fluid towards lymphatic tissue (nodes) and stimulate lymph nodes to move lymph fluid more quickly. This massage can also include gentle vibration of surgical area and lymphatic areas as tolerated.

Kinesio-Taping assists in the reduction of swelling and inflammation, as well as reduces bruising, by pulling skin away from the fascia, allowing better flow of blood into the area and lymph away from the area beneath the tape.

Myofascial Release  of the muscle and it's fascia, the connective tissue layer between skin and muscle, to reduce adhesion's that can become scars between skin and muscle. These adhesion's are painful, create restrictions in muscular, fascia, and skin movement, and become unsightly scars (lumps) under the skin.  

Treatment Times/Areas

Our first session includes a 10-15 minute consult and a 45 minute treatment of up to 2  areas (about 60 minutes). Subsequent sessions will be about 45 minutes for up to 2  areas (45 minutes total)

In order to not overwhelm the body, we cannot treat more than 4 areas per day

Areas (each line represents one area)
bilateral chest/breasts
upper and lower abdomen
bilateral flanks
upper back
lower back

bilateral arms
one whole upper/lower leg/knee/ankle or bilateral upper 

(includes knees) or 

lower legs (includes ankles)
bilateral glutes/hips 


Fist  session (consult and treatment of up to 2 areas, up to 60 minutes), $119 Subsequent visits (up to 45 minutes), $89

A custom treatment plan will be created for you during your consult, a 10% discount will be offered for prepayment packages. Best results are seen with 6-12 visits in the 1st 6 weeks post-surgery, depending on procedure. In many cases, treatment can begin within 2-3 days post-op.

Insurance is not accepted for this service, but HSA's and Flex cards can be used, as well as other standard forms of payment. 


What to Expect at your First Visit

Please bring with you your doctor's post-op instructions so we can make sure to abide by their instructions. Please wear any post-op garments required of you by your surgeon. Post-op garments will be removed for treatment, but please wear undergarments that you can be comfortable being treated in. You will be in a private massage room, but your comfort in recovery and during treatment is important to us. 

Treatment Disclaimer

Not all treatment works for all patients. While we do our best to do a thorough consultation that allows us to choose only patients we can help for treatment, we cannot guarantee results. You can discontinue your treatment at any time. Prepaid services not used can be refunded, less the treatments rendered with the prepaid discount revoked. 

Post Surgical Lymphatic/myofascial Massage at Meadows Chiropractic
Post Surgical Lymphatic/myofascial Massage at Meadows Chiropractic